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Bye Bye Westlife

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Last week Westlife performed their last EVER concert after calling it quits after 14 years. Ive always been a big fan and am a little sad there will never be another album (all things reunions not withstanding). I did get to see them once in concert at their only Perth show. This video is one of my favourite Westlife songs…



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Im SO obsessed with this show. JLD is HILARIOUS. Perfectly cast, and perfectly written. 8 eps was not enough. Cant wait for S2!

Australia wants Mariah Carey

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Mariah

As Mariah arrived in London, Aussie fans took over twitter to trend ‘Australia Wants Mariah Carey’.


MC Summer 2012

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MC Summer 2012

This stuff is starting now…! (well soon)

Most people that *know* me, know that im a HUGE Farnham fan. My Aunty is his biggest fan and was there when he first ever performed in Bunbury WA with Sadie the Cleaning Lady! Years on, my first ever concert was John’s ‘Jack of Hearts Tour’. I was amazed. The performance, the band, the stage, the singers… it was all amazing. I have been to many a John concert since that time back in 1996 and make every effort to go back each time he tours.

This song is off the ‘Chain Reaction’ album. I was driving home today, and flicking stations, it came on the radio. Its one of my fave John songs, and a bit rare (it may have been a single, cant remember now).

Prince Harry is so hot..

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Prince Harry is so hot..

So so hot ;o)

The Queens Jubilee

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The Queens Jubilee

London. I love everything about it. The weather, the Queen, the Palace, the bois, the West End. Yet, ive never been there. Its at the top of a very long list of where I want to visit. I have friends living over there now, and try as they may to get me there, its just never come to fruition. To quote Mariah, I just gotta ‘make it happen’.

The ‘pomp and ceremony’ of the past four days has made my longing to get there even more profound. Long live the queen!